Richard Pitul

Over ten years experience as a software developer

Developed over 100 websites/applications for professional sports teams worldwide.

At Channel 1 Media, I have worked with teams in all professional sports leagues in North America; including the NFL, NHL, MLB, NBA, MLS and Collegiate properties across the United States. I have also worked with professional soccer teams in the UK; Europe; and UAE.

Developed Appointment Booking/Scheduling Systems.

Created booking systems for sports organizations including UBS Arena, Crew Stadium, Seattle Kraken, and the Phoenix Suns to allow clients and service reps to book appointments with each other.

Developed touchscreen presentations.

Using Electron JS and Capacitor JS; previously using Adobe Air; created cross-platform touchscreen presentations for presentation centers for the Columbus Crew, Seattle Kraken, FC Cincinatti, and Cleveland Cavaliers.

Migrated to AWS/ Google Cloud.

Behind a strategic move to migrate Channel 1's business to AWS/Google Cloud services to decrease costs and increase security/up time of Channel 1's websites.

Co-created a cross platform mobile and desktop presentation system.

Integrated services, apis, and custom software together into a single product called ePitch.

Created for iOS and the web; sales data applications for Legends Global Sales.

For numerous collegiate properties and LASED; developed iOS app and admin panel to share sales and important data to ownership.


  • Javascript (es2015, es6)
  • Electron, Vue, React
  • Node, Capacitor
  • Webpack, Gulp, NPM
  • PHP 5.2-7.4
  • MySQL, PDO
  • GIT, GitHub, Bitbucket
  • Tailwind, Bootstrap
  • Adobe Air


  • Braintree
  • Stripe
  • Segment
  • Rollbar
  • DocRaptor
  • Vimeo
  • Twitter/Facebook
  • Google Services
  • Amazon Web Services

Lead Developer

Channel 1 Media Solutions

December 2010 - Present

My role at Channel 1 is diverse. It includes hiring and training new employees in all aspects of software development. I am the key liason between our clients and other members of the development team for any technical requirements of their project. From evaluating the possibilty of integrating client specified third party services; determing how long such a task would take; and finding alternatives that would be more cost effective. I am also identifing when such work could benefit the company in a more general way; either by enhancing our development processes or improving the products we sell overall.

In addition to my role as a manager/mentor; my capacity to develop both front end and back end is unmatched, and includes database design, php development, rest api creation; html, css and js development. My preference is to use a Javascript framework for front end development such as VueJS or React; but I am also adept at vanilla js; and jquery if the needs arise.


  • Work directly with clients as a lead developer and project manager
  • Develop responsive websites and applications from technical design to production
  • Create Custom RESTful APIs
  • Hiring and mentoring new employees

IT Senior Specialist


June 2009 - December 2010

I developed new flash games and implemented new features to the existing code base, which were integrated into the Webkinz Online Game.

Bachelor of IT (UOIT 2009)

Game Development and Entreprenurship

  • Placed 2nd in KINSA Game Design Group Competition
  • Capstone Project (Undergraduate Thesis) Created training application for MDA
  • Multimedia Developer Internship - Created e-learning tools in a range of subjects taught at the university