About Me

I collaborate with designers, sales and clients to develop a finished product. That means providing alternatives and solutions to make software that works simply and functions properly. It means welcoming the suggestions and criticisms from all involved to achieve that goal and satisfy the collective vision.

In a development world that is constantly using other people's code without fully grasping it, my reluctance to follow the trend has made me a better programmer. Constantly improving my own code and learning from my experiences has made me very efficient and knowledgeable. When it comes to debugging and quick changes as deadlines approach, knowing every line of code gives me an agility few other programmers have. In those instances where I do apply code from external sources, its inclusion means I am as confident in it as if it were my own.

I currently work full time at Channel 1 Media Solutions Inc. as a senior developer. My role at Channel 1 primarily involves developing comps designed by other designers in Photoshop or Sketch into functional websites. I am the go to developer when a project has a super short deadline or something we need to make a new solution for. Using the core web standards, html, js, and css I have developed over 50 websites at Channel 1 Media Solutions for professional sports teams, and stadiums across North America. I have had to integrate with numerous APIs and services to varying levels of complexity; including Google Maps, Vimeo, DocRaptor, and Stripe.

In addition to developing websites for Channel 1, I have also created many desktop presentations using Adobe Air which are being used today in Sales Centers in some of the biggest stadium and arena renovations in America. Utilizing Adobe Air I am able to program in one language and publish to iOS, Android, OSX or Windows with minimal reprogramming. Another advantage to this approach is that it can be previewed instantly on the web using the flash plugin. They are not meant to be used that way to the public but the ease of previewing without the need to go to the device and install the application makes the process of working with remote clients far more seamless than any other way.